CD-ROM and DVD Productions.

We help you gather information on CD or DVD discs, e.g. material for education, industrial processes, mail-order products or promotional material. Everything from text, video to advanced 3d worlds can be done after your needs.

stands for compact disk read-only memory. The disks hold vast amounts of electronic information- 275,000 book pages can be stored on a single 4.5 inch plastic platter. They also offer a sophisticated combination of sound, music, video, speech, graphics and animation.

stands for both Digital Video Disk and Digital Versatile Disk. This is because the format, although initially used as a home video medium, has a wide variety of potential applications.

Currently there have been seven DVD formats, with various capacities, proposed. Those which have been announced are:
SD5 4.7 GB, play only, single sided, single layered
SD9 8.5 GB, play only, single sided, dual layered
SD10 9.4 GB, play only, dual sided, single layered (2 SD5s)
SD18 17 GB, play only, dual sided, dual layered
SD-R 7.6 GB, Write once, dual sided, single layered (WORM)
SD-RAM 5.2 GB, Read/Write, dual sided, single layered (Erasable)
SD-HDTV 20+ GB, play only using blue laser for higher disc capacity

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