We have moved to the High Coast in Kramfors. The new adress is:
Multimedia Production. Rossvik 105. 872 98 Noraström. Phone: 0613-30 000


To us - come with us to our times advanced information techniques.

Multimedia/Internet productions

We work to meet our customers needs, e.g. a specific business presentation, with the aid of computer technology. The product is to be viewable at the customers' computer - stationary or mobile. It should also be possible to distribute it over a network, on a harddrive, diskette or CD-ROM. Each part of the product (e.g. text, illustrations, sounds or animation's) is editable by itself.

Business concept
To market products and services in the areas multimedia and Internet. To pursue studies and do consulting assignments in the same areas. To cooperate with persons and organizations in above areas that can give new knowledge and competence to our company.
To have our business firmly established locally but also be able to take on national as well as international assignments. To be independent of suppliers and other organizations. To deliver, to our customers, up to date knowledge through our own development and education. To be keenly towards the customers' wishes and adapt the product to the final users needs.

"Real Yearning" Our new film!

Vi har precis avslutat filmen
"I huvudet på en patient" Läs mer här.


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