Visualization of products...

...and to be seen and heard in radio and TV. We also work with 3d animation's, which we use in our video productions. We stand out from the crowd by saying that nothing is to hard for us to do with our computers, only our imagination is the limit.

We help you with everything from idea to finished production. From storyboard to final editing. Let us do the whole production or rent our nonlinear editing system.
We offer a digital video system with outstanding 10-bits 3:1 bits image quality, in-and out for composite, Y/C, component, genlock and timecode. The hardware is an Perception card, with a Perception F/X, accelerator for exceeded transition and effects rendering speed.
The software is Speedrazor 3.51 and is an non linear editing software developed together with DPS Perception. Speedrazor has infinite video and soundtracks witch gives you infinite combination possibilities.

Together with programs like Digital Fusion, Hollywood FX and Adobe After Effects the sky is the limit.



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