Web design

Find your place at the new market!
In just a few years ten percent of all economic transactions will be made on the Internet. It's the fastest growing marketplace in the world. Every month the amount of users increase by ten percent. We can design your webpages that let you sell products and services directly on the screen. Through us your company quickly can find a place at the new Internet market.

We make Internet a natural part of your buisiness!
Don't take chances on your investment, consult a company that has got the resources and ability to market your site. We can produce well designed webpages that serves your purpose and your goals for your Internet investment. We get you a domain and a place on an Internet server.

First class company homepages
Do you want to be seen on the Internet? Do you want your company to reach a very large amount of viewers at a low cost? Maybe you want to sell products, services or information directly on the screen? Multimedia Production offers professional constructing of company webpages on the Internet. We help you to the full use of the creative possibilities of the media if you want to create something new as well as if you are looking for elegant package solutions for the small company.
At Multimedia Production professional graphic artist from the advertising and newspaper line of buisiness work side by side with programmers and technicians. We believe in combining creativity and technical competence. A homepage should be of pure style, attractive and it should clearly mediate your message. We want to give you a firstclass service.

What is included and what service do I get?
This is what we have to offer:

Help getting a domain (www.comany.com or www.company.se)
E-mail addresses are mostly included when buying a domain (ex. info@company.se)
Scanned pictures
3D graphic/Animation's
Fast firstclass service
Homepage with layout according to your wiches
Java applets
Graphical details
Cult 3D
Interactive shopping

We can of course help you with a lot of other things, you just have to ask.

We always put you, as a client in the first room. To us your wiches are important and you as a client are taking part in the design of your webpage. Our motto is: a satisfied customer is a good customer. We have the solution for the private person who wants to publish pictures of the family on the Internet as well as for the company. Since we cooperate with other companies we can offer you good prices on webhotel and registering domain name.

To register a domain name:
An adress ending with ".se", costs about 1500 Sek (limitec/incorporated companys only). An adress, ending with ".com" costs about 700 Sek

Our idea about making business has always been to offer competitive prices on everything that we do. Since our company is relatively small our expeces are few and it makes us able to give you a more personal support and service. We have the possibility to be flexible and oriented against our clients wishes. As a customer you will not have to pay for anything you do not use. We offer package-prices on homepages. We design and write the code to your page to make it viewable on the Internet. If you like, we write the text for you and register your domain. We can also offer you help getting a host and publishing your page to make it accessable to Internet viewers.


I. Two pages and tree pictures and a logotype: 6000 Sek
II. Four pages and six pictures and a logotype: 8000 Sek

A counter to register the number of visitors to your page is included on both packages. Of course we get your home-page registered at the most common search-engines on the Internet so that it can be found by Internet viewers.

We can also offer you help with: Registering your domain, ex www.company.se: 750 Sek.
Writing text for the homepage: 650 Sek /h.
Up-dating the homepage in the future: 650 Sek/h.
Please note that all prices are exclusive value-added tax If You have other wishes for your homepage we can of course make an offer for a special solution.

Other costs:
The host want to be paid monthly or yearly rent to keep the homepage. (The cost varies from about 200 Sek/month to 500 Sek/month depending on the service wanted.) In addition the right to keep the domain is an annual cost of 250 Sek to be paid to nic.se.


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