Real Yearning


The film is about a Daniel 23 y.o. He was borne with a heart problem. When he was one year old he got his first heart operation. The operation was successful but the family did know that when he became older he has to do another heart operation.
The second heart operation wasn't successful and it toke ten days to undergo and the only way to save Daniel was a heart transplantation. This is at the age of twelve.
After the transplantation he got very much strong medicines to avoid rejections.

Three years later he got cancer in his lymphatic glands and he has to eat more strong medicines.
The medicines had now destroyed his kidneys so he must go to the dialysis. Five hours, three afternoons a week he was connected to a dialysis machine. He couldn't have an ordinary kidney transplantation because of all the antibodies in his body.

Now the Doctors have found a new way to fix that problem. The donator of the kidney also donates a bit of the liver to "clean up" the antibodies before transplanting the kidney.
Now he has done a kidney and liver transplantation and the liver part from Daniel saved a child's life.

The surrealistic film about Daniel is how it is to live a life without the ability to do the thing that all his friends were doing. No traveling without arrangement. Not to be able to drink more than one liter of liquid a day. It's a film of Daniels thoughts about life and death waiting on the transplantation and showing the positive side of organ donations.

Now he is fine and his kidney is working.

   Ulf Burman and Daniel Burman  
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